Forever on Guard was born New Years’ eve when I stopped a rape in progress, in the bathroom of a bar. Since then, I have committed myself to educating women on the subjects of self-awareness, personal security and self-defense. The majority of the text comes directly from counter terrorism training I received in the Marine Corp. Thats right, you will learn how the Marines stay safe in a world gone mad. the rest of the text comes from 6 books on rape-prevention I have read. The self-defense part of this program will be posted as soon as I can make them. However, I have put a link to a Utube video on women’s self-defense. It will show you the basics.   I will keep it on this site along with my own version so that you can use what works best for you. To view the text, go to the Archive prompt and click on the only one there.

I wish you all a long, happy and safe life. Kerry


4 Responses to About

  1. spinygabor says:

    Where is the You tube video or do I not matter

  2. Tiffany white says:

    I need help I was raped robbed and a friend set up a u fund me account lost my family before I was 23 have two children ms and we have no money for the month along with food and everything we need help with our rent is there anywhere I could post this plus if u have fb friend request Me i can send you pictures of the police report my injuries etc please help me

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