forever on guard course text

   F.O.G. addresses the basics of self- awareness and provides viable procedures to minimize an individual’s susceptibility to an attack, whether at work, home, or in  a travel status. This course also teaches simple and effective self-defense techniques in the event of an attack.

                Course Outline

         Lesson 1 Introduction to safety skills

            A) Motivations of rape

            B) 3 common M.O.’s

            C) Reading people

            D) Taking action

       Lesson2) Personal Security

               A) Home

               B) Travel

               C) Moving into a new home

               D) Vacationing

         Lesson3) Hand to hand combat

                A) At home

                B) In public

                C) At work,school,etc.

      Lesson4) Weapons

               A) Recognition

               B) Proper use

Motivations of rape

1) Feels powerless in his life

2) Anger

3) Sadistic pleasure

1) Powerless.

A) He will seek to gain control of you by using threats of violence, after flashing a weapon, but will seldom use excessive force.


    He takes out his rage by beating and humiliating his victims. Once he becomes bored with that. He is likely to transition on to other more dangerous methods.

Sadistic Pleasure

   (Anger motivated attackers will often become this type of rapist.)

He is the most dangerous. Your survival depends on you having some sort of escape plan already in your mind because you will most likely not survive the encounter. The most important thing to remember is that you should never allow them to take you anywhere. Scream fire, not help or rape, so that you will draw a crowd. When you do draw a crowd, pretend to faint so that now he has to drag you; which will draw even more attention.

 3 M.O.’s

 1)The Con-Man

   Will pose as a police, repair, or delivery man to gain  access to your home.

 2) The Blitz

   He targets, tracks, then makes his assault when the victim is alone.

3) The Opportunist

   Will often sneak into your house, maybe to only to steal your jewels. Finding you alone, he takes advantage of you just waking up to subdue you more easily. Taking care of two things at once. A good nights haul…..for him.If  you doubt that it could happen to you follow this link.

Reading The Situation

   When confronted by, or are in close proximity to potential attackers, it is very important to learn how to read your surroundings.


     Here are some hints to help you recognize potential problems.

•              Is he armed?

•              Is he blocking your escape?

•              Does he appear to be in an altered state?

•              Is he nervous?

•              Is he closing in on your position?

•              Are there other people around?

                                             IF YOU NOTICE MORE THAN ONE,

                                               TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION!!!

Taking Action

     Your body language will send signals to  people around you.

     Here are some things to consider

Always know where the exits are in any building you are in.

If faced with a possible attack always follow your gut feeling.

It’s always better to beg for forgiveness, than for mercy.

        When necessary,strike hard and fast; with whatever is close at hand!

Do not be afraid to be vocal, they don’t want a crowd, so give them one!

     Do not be complacent around your  most common surroundings.

Body Language

     Q) Do you appear comfortable and confident, or uneasy and intimidated?

    A)If you look like you aren’t  easily intimidated, then you will be passed up for an easier target.

     Q) Do you expand into the space around you, or shrink?

     A)When you walk into a room you should look like you own the place. Again, it shows confidence.

      Q)Do you look people in the eye when talking to them, or avert your eyes?

     A)Always look people in the eye. Show them that you have confidence in yourself.

     Q)Do you have problems accepting a compliment?

      A)Shows lack of self-esteem. Makes you look like an easy target.

      Q)How do you stand? Are your feet apart and your body balanced?

       A)Having a balanced stance also allows you to react better in case of a surprise attack.

        Q)Do you allow people to interrupt you

       A)Allowing people to constantly interrupt you, shows that you can be easily  intimidated.

      Q) Are you negative?

 A)Developing a positive attitude will help you in all aspects of  life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Q)Do you shuffle or stride?

 A) Again  you should look like you own the place, wherever you are.

      Q)Do you squeak or use confident tones?

      A)You don’t have to shout, but make sure that you can be heard. It all relates back to not looking like an easy target.

It has been said that most sexual assaults are perpetrated by someone known to you. Make sure that the people in your life see you as a confident, and vibrant woman. One  that is self aware, and takes no crap when it comes to your personal safety.

Personal Security

                                     At Home

  A) Interior

    – Are the perimeter doors to your home metal or solid wood?door pic

    – Are the door frames of good solid construction?

    – Do you have a door viewer or interview grill in your door?

Door viewer needs to have a 180 degree angle of sight.

–       Are the perimeter doors properly secured with heavy-duty deadbolts?

Schlage is a well known and reliable product. They have put out a bump key resistant lock !

–       Are they in good working order?

–       Can any of the doors be bypassed by breaking the glass or a light panel of wood?

–       Have you permanently secured all unused doors?

–      Do steel bars, ornamental grills, or shutters protect your windows?

–       Do you close all shutters at night and when you leave home for extended periods of time?

–       Are unused windows properly secured, with good locks, or cut off pieces of wood?

–       Are you as careful with second level windows or basement windows as you are  first level windows?

–       Have you secured your sliding glass door with a broomstick, charlie–bar, or a good lock.

–       If you have a skylight, roof access, are they properly secured?


   If you have a fence or tight hedge, have you looked it over as a defense against intrusion?

Holly bushes are a good deterrent, because they have sharp points at the end of their leaves,but still need to be cut low enough so as not to cover windows.

   Is your fence or wall in good repair?

   Are the gates solid and in good repair?

   Are the gates properly locked during the day and night?

     Do you check regularly  to see if they are locked?

    Have you eliminated trees, poles, ladders, boxes, etc. that might help an attacker scale your fence, wall, or hedge?fencing pic

    Have you removed shrubbery near your gates, garage, or front door which could hide an attacker? hiding spots pic

   Do you have lights to illuminate all sides of your house, garage , patois, etc.?lighting pic

   Do you leave your lights on during hours of darkness?

   Do you check for burned out bulbs regularly?

Garage and other outbuildings

   Do you lock your garage or outbuildings at night?secured outbuilding pic

   Are the window of these buildings secured?

   Are the padlock hasps installed so that the screws can’t be removed?

   Are the ladders or other items that may be used to climb stored inside?

Selecting a new home

    Selection Criteria

  Half of your time is spent at home. Investigate your potential home environment. Contact the following: Neighborhood watch programs, local police sub-stations, or the other area civic organizations.

8 points of consideration

     Neighborhood check

   Pay attention to the streets( width, paved or unpaved, maintenance, number of cars parked on the street day and night), pedestrian and vehicle traffic patterns.

   Are there parks, playgrounds, or other recreational facilities close?

these are places where crooks and gang members like to go.

   Proximity to commercial enterprises ( gas stations, grocery stores, etc.)

Crime level

    Information on the crime levels can be obtained by contacting local police, or downloading a crime/injury map from the national center injury prevention and control at

Police security capabilities

  Your observations of police patrol activities, or lack of , (Made during your check), provides a good indication of the degree of police protection available.

Utilities service and protection

    Disruption of phone and electricity would facilitate an intruders ability to gain access to your house. Consider the location of electrical boxes. If they are outside of perimeter fencing and readily available to an intruder, then precautions or another residence should be considered.

Fire protection

    Several factors should be considered in this area of thought. How dependable the wiring and fixtures are, how many exits are there in case of a fire, what type of smoke detectors does the house have, are they wired from the house and if so do they have a battery back-up, how close is the nearest station and hydrant.

Environmental considerations

   While performing a neighborhood check, talk to neighbors about the concerns in that area. Such as: wind or dust storms, flooding, landslides, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc.

   When they can’t be avoided proper precautions should be taken. Such as emergency rations , first aid equipment, and a back up power supply.

There have been many instances where people have been abducted by supposed rescuers.

Access routes

The vicinity of your home is where the greatest danger to your safety exists.

Your residence should have several access routes to avoid setting a pattern.

The roads should have good lighting at night.

You should have a clear view of the road from your house

Dead-end or one-way streets limit your choices and should be avoided.


  Ideally, a garage that can be locked is the best choice. However, guarded or fenced in carports or driveways will suffice. Some means of off street parking should be considered.


  The probability of attack is greater when you leave your home. The following are some suggestions for in transit security.

1)    Keep your car in good working order.

2)    Keep your gas tank at least half full at all times.

     3) Keep doors locked at all times.

    4) Do not park on the street at night. Try to find a lot with an attendant

     5)Lock unattended cars at all times , no matter how short the time away.

6) Check up and down the street before leaving to get into your car.

7) When leaving a structure, always give yourself at least 4 to 5 ft. when rounding the corner of a building for reaction time.

8 ) When approaching your car check the outside for signs of tampering.

9) Before getting in, check the floor from front to back for an attacker.

10) Have your car keys in your hand to keep from fumbling for them at the car.

11) Avoid traveling alone. Use the buddy system when possible.

12) As you leave, be alert for surveillance of your car.

13) Stay alert, and be prepared to take evasive action. Avoid doing anything that takes your attention off of the road.

14) Have at least 3 routes to work. Vary the days and times you take them. This prevents you from setting a pattern.

15) Avoid setting patterns when visiting any public place.

16) Be suspicious of all foot traffic. Attacks often occur when you are at a busy intersection

Taking action 

1)  Try to drive in the center lane to avoid being boxed in.

2)  If you have an indication that you are being followed, take action immediately.

3)  Make a relatively high-speed turn in either direction, and circle the block. Watch to see if you are followed.

4)  If you are indeed being followed, find a safe haven: Police station, Fire station, etc.

     When taking action, if it becomes necessary to jump a curb, or traffic island, it must be done with care to avoid disabling your car.

     1) Enter at a low-speed (35 mph max) at an angle not less than 30 degrees and not more than 45 degrees.

     2) Be prepared for a sever jolt.

High speed turns

     High speed turns should be taken from the outside of the corner to the inside of the corner to the outside of the corner.

In other words; swing wide, cut the corner, and allow the car to go into the other lane

     The purpose of this is to take the straightest line possible.

      Breaking should be completed well before the turn.

      momentum should carry the car to the apex of the turn.

      The gas should be applied at the apex of the turn.


   Never lock your brakes. This reduces the co-efficency of friction between the tires and the road.

   Use a stabbing technique when breaking.

Push down hard, and let up quick, and repeat.

Controlled skids

   Do not use brakes until control is re-established.

   Do not use the gas.

   De-clutch if you are using a stick shift to prevent from stalling vehicle.

   Counter steer if you are skidding in one direction.

High speed turnarounds

   High speed turnarounds are designed to turn the car around 180 degrees using controlled skidding techniques.


    1) Stop car and put into reverse.

    2) Accelerate to 15- 20 mph.

    3) Turn steering wheel quickly.

    4) Front wheels will break loose.

    5) Keep off of brakes.

    6) Shift into low gear and accelerate.

   Off shoulder turns

   Can only be done on dirt or gravel roads.

   1) drop wheel on to shoulder

   2) slow car to less than 10 mph.

   3) turn wheel and step on the gas hard.

   4) Rear wheels will break loose rotating car 180 degrees.

   5) Straighten wheels and step on gas


 The U.S. has many vacation hot spots. Security levels at such places are relatively high, however even in such places you are at risk.

   Criminal elements In places like Florida, New York, and California make their living from the tourists. Thieves count on you not being able to stay to press charges, because of your jobs back at home.

In hotels

   Keep your room keys on you at all times.

   Be observant for suspicious people.

   Do not give your room number to anyone.

   Keep your room and personal effects in a neat and orderly fashion so you can recognize tampering.

   Know the location of all emergency exits.

In general

   Know  how to use the local phone system.

   Carry correct phone change.

   Know local emergency numbers.

   Know where the local police government agencies, and other safe havens.

  Avoid public disputes or confrontations.

   Know certain phrases in the native language like. I need a doctor or police.

   9 steps to a low profile

   1) Attempt to blend into the surroundings. When on vacation people tend to act in ways that they normally wouldn’t. “ What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. That sort of behavior draws attention.

   2) Avoid showing off material wealth.

   3) Drive an inconspicuous vehicle. Use one common to the area.

   4) Vary where you park. Never the same place all week.

   5) Do not put anything in your car that will I.D. your name, gender, or nationality.

   6) Do not discuss your plans with strangers.

   7) Avoid publicity.

   8 ) Avoid routines. Being unpredictable is your best defense.


I don’t have any videos made to post yet, but this link will take you to free self- defense videos for women on Youtube. There is a lot of good info on these series of videos. Check them out, and be safe .


About foreveronguard

I'm a former U.S. Marine, a mixed martial artist, counter terrorism trained,and a sexual assault survivor. I was raped at the age of 5, which was directly responsible for me joining the Marine Corps. I wanted to make sure that I would never have to worry about my safety again. On New Years eve '97/ '98, I came full circle when I stoped a rape in the bathroom of a bar. Since then I have dedicated my life to making women safe from rape. This site is the culmination of 12 yrs of work. If only one woman is saved by the information on this site, then I have accomplished my mission. Please feel free to give me feed back, so that I can continue to improve this site. Thank you, Kerry Lyon former Cpl. USMC
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  4. Each year, in April, in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), Krav Maga Worldwide™ rallies it’s network of KMW Official Training Centers™ around the world to put on special Rape Prevention Seminars to not only raise public awareness about sexual violence, but to offer life-saving, practical self-defense and rape prevention techniques to the public.

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